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Most frequent questions and answers

Shows Amount Receivable from Customers / suppliers as on a specified date. In general course of business, the accounts of the parties may not stand fully settled at all times. Some balance in the account generally exists. A debit balance in a party account signifies that how much amount is receivable from the party. Amount Receivable report displays a list of all the parties having debit balance.

Watch your business from 360 degree

Multi Angle view about every account is now Log Book

Cash/Bank Book statement displays the cash/bank transactions of the organization sequentially for a specified date range. This report helps us to know the cash/bank balance with the organization at any given point of time.

Business ERP: Now With Multi Year Interest Calculation and Multi Year Ledger

Now you can automatically calculate interest on previous year entries also in Business ERP.

Two Common Questions in Barcode Printing

Question 1

Market always ask in barcode printing; I have taken a printout of 5 Barcode Labels and rest sheet is left Blank. Now at the time of printing barcodes next time, Printing should continue from 6th Barcode

Question 2

Need to Enter No. of Barcodes manually:

Manually Change No. of Barcodes at the time of Printing Barcode Labels